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Diamonds Power: Hold and Win
Diamonds Power: Hold and Win
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Diamonds Power: Hold and Win
Diamonds Power: Hold and Win
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Diamonds Power: Hold and Win
Diamonds Power: Hold and Win
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Diamonds Power: Hold and Win
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Diamonds Power: Hold and Win
RTP: 95.66% 💎 Rate: 5.0 ✨
Provider: Playson
About Slot

The famous company Playson presents a new interesting slot called Diamonds Power: Hold and Win online. It has an exciting bonus game, high payouts and, most importantly, it will give you bright and unforgettable emotions. This slot immerses players in the atmosphere of searching for gems and adventures. Diamonds Power: Hold and Win machine has a 3×3 field and 5 active paylines, providing a dynamic gameplay that is complemented by features. This is exactly what many fans of the classics have been looking for. Familiar symbols, sufficient RTP, medium volatility level and an intuitively simple interface let players relax and not worry about new unexplored features. Come in and have fun!

Diamonds Power: Hold and Win slot is created by Playson and is a highly entertaining slot for fans of classic slots.
Diamonds Power: Hold and Win
The Diamonds Power: Hold and Win slot is made in a retro style, so the graphics at first glance may seem quite simple. However, the textures are detailed, everything is done for the comfort of the player.
Diamonds Power: Hold and Win

RTP & Volatility level

RTP is a number obtained with the help of statistics. It shows the solvency of the slot. The bigger it is – the better for players. RTP of Diamonds Power: Hold and Win casino slot is 95.66%. This RTP is considered a bit lower than the norm, but it increases to 96 during the bonus game, so you can not worry about it. Let’s assume that you have deposited 100 dollars into your gaming wallet. According to the statistics, after a long time you will be left with 95.66 dollars in your hands. But do not forget that this number is hypothetical and maximally averaged. You can be so lucky that you will catch a grand jackpot and become golden in a moment. It’s all a matter of luck.

Diamonds Power: Hold and Win casino machine has a medium level of volatility. Volatility shows the ratio of cash winnings to the frequency of winning combinations. In other words, it is the ratio of the frequency of prizes to their value. The higher it is, the less often you can find a win, but it will be greater. In Diamonds Power: Hold and Win slot, the level of volatility is fixed as “medium”, so that the prizes will pop up on the screen quite often and the awards promise to be decent. Golden Mean!

Diamonds Power: Hold and Win


Diamonds Power: Hold and Win

Symbols are classic, but they are different from many others. Description of each symbol in the Diamonds Power: Hold and Win slot is in the table:

Diamonds Power: Hold and Win
Blue Gem

The cheapest symbol in the game. I don’t know why it’s so set apart from the other gems, as it’s the only one whose price is lower than the others. The well done blue gem symbol will bring you 1x of your bet.

Red, Purple, Aqua Gems

These gemstones are also very common. Each of them has a different shape, be it a red heart or a blue rhombus. All the jewels are not made to copy in the form of a square and this is very encouraging. For collecting each of these symbols, the player gets a reward of 4x of your bet!

BAR symbol

There are 2 kinds of BAR symbol in the game. One of them has a blue light inscription, while the second one has a red one. They have no differences between them and as real bars of gold give a reward in the form of 16x of the initial bet.

Playing dice

This symbol is a high-paying symbol and is quite rare. Collecting 3 of them in a row, the player gets 20x of his bet.

Golden bell

This symbol is the highest paying if you don’t include special symbols. It is a huge golden bell and if you collect 3 of them in a row, it will replenish your balance for the amount that is 30 times your bet.

Wild symbol

The Wild symbol is a big red seven. As we know from other slots, the main function of this symbol is to replace any symbol in a winning combination. If, let’s say, you get 2 golden bells and the Wild symbol in one of the paylines, you will get a reward of 30x your bet. The Wild symbol simply complements the winning combinations. If you collect 3 Wild symbols in a row, you will get a 30x multiplier.

Bonus symbol

This symbol looks in the form of a large blue diamond. It is the most important symbol in Diamonds Power: Hold and Win online. In fact, it holds all the features and even the bonus game, so its importance will be described in the “Features” section.

Power Bonus symbol

This symbol looks like a huge yellow lightning bolt. Can fall only on the second reel. It has a unique ability, which will be described below.

Features of the slot

The Diamonds Power: Hold and Win slot is a classic, but even so it has 3 unique game features that you’ve seen elsewhere. They make the game interesting and worth your attention.
Diamonds Power: Hold and Win

Bonus Game

Bonus game is activated when Bonus or Power Bonus symbols appear on all 3 reels. During the bonus game on the reels fall only Bonus symbols (fall on the 1st and 3rd reels) or Power Bonus symbols (fall only on the 2nd reel). The payout for each special symbol on the reel is indicated directly on the symbol as: 1x, 2x, 3x, 3x, 5x, 7x, 10x and 15x. At the beginning of the game you are given 3 free spins. Each new bonus symbol updates this number of free spins to 3. The bonus game runs until the bonus symbols stop falling out and you have not exhausted all the free spins. At the end of the game, all values collected on Power Bonus symbols are calculated and paid to your account. 


Diamonds Power

This feature is activated every time the Bonus and Power Bonus symbols appear on the reels. The Diamonds Power feature collects all Bonus symbol values, including all payouts for Mini, Minor, Major and Grand Jackpots, and adds them to the spin winnings in the regular game or to the total winnings in the Bonus game.


Dynamite mountain

Any bonus symbol that falls on the reels during the regular game gives you a chance to activate the “Dynamite mountain” feature, which adds the right number of Bonus or Power Bonus symbols to trigger the Bonus game.

Demo Game Images

On our site you can play a demo version of the Diamonds Power: Hold and Win game. In this case, you will have a virtual balance, you can spin the drum without fear of losing money. You can check the mechanics with your own hands, evaluate the solvency and payoff of the slot. You can see if you like the game and the atmosphere and if you are ready to play it for real money. It seems to me that anyone should check out a slot in the demo version before depositing real money. Although it has a downside. No matter how many prizes you win in the demo version, you won’t be able to withdraw them to your card.
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Diamonds Power: Hold and Win
Frequently asked question
Diamonds Power: Hold and Win

A bit more about provider

Playson is a young and ambitious provider, which has already managed to conquer more than one peak, despite its young age. The company entered the market in 2012. Currently, the company employs more than 250 specialists around the world with offices in Malta, Ukraine, UK and Greece.

The motto of the creator of Diamonds Power: Hold and Win game is “unique gaming solutions”, and the developers adhere to it, offering their users and partners truly exclusive solutions. Their product meets the needs of the most demanding player, thanks to a wide range of options and advertising tools available in the game. Among the main features of the manufacturer : 3D graphics, enticing background music, HD background, customizable betting limits and other custom settings.


The game will greet you with a fascinating design in retro style. At first glance you will think that the graphics are simple and you will be completely right!  Classic does not mean bad. Background red color which is illuminated by lightning, convenient control panel which is decorated with gems will attract your attention.  Symbols also look elegant with a high level of detail. When the reels of Diamonds Power: Hold and Win slot collects a winning combination, the lightning bolt appears on the screen, which shows the symbols on one of the paylines. During the bonus game the screen constantly shows flashes. Thus the graphics add dynamism and excitement to each spin.


The soundtrack plays an important role in Diamonds Power: Hold and Win game and perfectly complements its graphics. It smoothly immerses you in a world of excitement full of classic themes. Sound design is made with great attention to details and it helps to feel the saturation of each game moment. Every part of the game is accompanied by sounds. Even the lightning on the background of the Diamonds Power: Hold and Win game has a realistic sound of thunder, and the appearance of the wild in the form of a seven is accompanied by a characteristic signal, causing players a sense of joy, expectation of winning and excitement. A pleasant, unobtrusive melody relaxes.


The game doesn’t shine with something new or sophisticated. In Diamonds Power: Hold and Win slot players can feel a friendly environment. A small 3×3 field, 5 paylines, in general everything is done in such a way that prizes fall out quite often. Average RTP and the same level of volatility make Diamonds Power: Hold and Win slot playable. The symbols give pretty big multipliers and the balance stays at the same level for quite a long time, waiting for the Bonus game. Overall, the game is designed to relax and play for fun without any stress. I think Diamonds Power: Hold and Win slot is worth your visit!

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